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CareerLadder modern youth apprentices split their time between their traditional high school classroom and the workplace. They earn a wage while receiving hands-on work experience where they can apply their classroom learning. By the conclusion of the program, students will have:

  • Meaningful work experience
  • An industry certification that’s nationally recognized
  • Access to a professional network
  • An opportunity to earn debt-free college credit

The product goal was to provide the CareerWise organization with an innovative user-friendly admin and user portal for planning trips, booking tours and hotels and communicating with fellow travelers.

The Unqork cross-functional team composed of Implement, Business Solutions, Design and Engineering collaborated with CareerWise’s major steak holders to build a custom application from scratch.

We created the use cases for different types of users and built user experience and user interface design for over 50 pages of the platform. The portal has different user experience and flow depending on user’s role-base access certicifation (RBAC). 

A desktop experience was designed fo the Advisor and CareerWise Admin users while a mobile web experience was built for the Apprentice user.

What is CareerLadder?

Bridging Education and Industry

Today, the burden of educating the newest members of the workforce falls directly on our schools. Businesses are having difficulty finding employees with the appropriate competencies to effectively fill skilled positions.

Modern youth apprenticeship addresses the problem by helping businesses have a hand in shaping their young talent and providing the education system with an applied-learning environment for its students.


    • Financial Services – Staff Accountant
    • Business Operations – Sales Coordinator
    • Manufacturing – Quality Control Technician
    • IT – Quality Assurance Technician
    • Business Operations – Project Coordinator
    • Education – Future Educator
    • Manufacturing – Manufacturing Technicians
    • Manufacturing – Maintenance Technician
    • Manufacturing – Logistics Technician
    • IT – Junior Coder
    • IT – IT Support Technician
    • Financial Services – Insurance Underwriter
    • Business Operations – Human Resources Associate
    • Hospitality – Hospitality Management
    • Business Operations – Graphic Designer
    • Financial Services – Retail Banker
    • IT – Database Administrator
    • Financial Services – Commercial Loan Officer 
    • Manufacturing – CNC Machinist
    • Manufacturing – CAD Drafter
    • Business Operations – Business Operations Associate


    The CareerWise model is mutually beneficial for both apprentices and employers.

    Hiring apprentices is a dynamic investment in your company and workforce, and businesses receive:

    • a productive employee; apprentices are a true team member doing meaningful work
    • a talent pipeline of skilled, diverse workers that innovate the workforce
    • a valuable connection to the community
    • more leadership and growth opportunities for existing staff

    Design Process

    Creating Use Cases

    User Types




    Building Information Architecture

    Expanded Style Guide into Product Guide

    Designing Hi-Fi Wireframes & Working Prototypes

    Mobile App for Apprentice Users

     User Goals:

    • Submit self evaluation
    • Review Training Plans
    • Review Competency Levels
    • Review  Competency Matrix
    • Send email to Advisors 
    • Review personal info and contacts

    Desktop App for Advisor & Admin Users

    User Goals:

    • Review apprentice’s self evaluation
    • Submit evaluations for apprentice
    • Review Training Plans
    • Create Training Plans
    • Review Competency Levels
    • Review  Competency Matrix
    • Send email to apprentice
    • Take notes on apprentice’s progress 


    Performance Tracking & Evaluation App

    Client:  CareerLadder

    Project Scope:  CareerLadder is a program that allow high school students to participate in apprenticeship program where they can gain professional working experience while gaining school credits. Desktop and mobile designs were needed for different users with different access levels.

    Project Timeline: 10/2019-11/2019

    Launch date: 11/2019

    Project Role:  UX Design Lead

    Project Involvement:

    • Collaborated with Implementation, Product Owners and Business Solutions to define userflows
    • Created design system based on assets gathered from CareerWise website
    • Created screen layout
    • Collaborated with Engineering and QA to execute designs
    Billy Dang @ 2020