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Travel planning application that allows the user to discover, schedule, and book trips all in one place.

Advances in transportation and information technology make it possible for travelers to discover the most remote places on Earth with ease. Tourism is now the world’s largest industry, nature tourism being the fastest growing segment. People want to experience nature and the world in a way that doesn’t impact the natural environment.


A new travel experience called ecotourism has been born in response to an increased appreciation of nature. The demand for ecotourism is growing rapidly yet it is challenging to search and book trips with ease.

Rustic Route offers a simple and elegant solution to visiting many different websites; users discover, schedule, and book their entire ecotour trip in a single mobile app.


I conducted six user interviews remotely and in-person to gain more insight into the typical trip-planner archetype and learn about specific behaviors and pain points.

With common behaviors and pain points in place, I was then able to synthesize the key points into three detailed personas:


With the research in place, I was able to confidently create wireframes for Rustic Route. I purposely focused on functionality and structure of the app, opting for low-fidelity wireframes with very little detail. It was important that the user-flow be straightforward and simple to follow. 


With Rustic Route, users can search, discover, schedule and book their entire ecotour trip all inside a single mobile app.

Search, save, book; It’s hard to keep track of all the findings. It gets even more tricky when it comes to various flights, ground transportation, and boarding documentation. The current traveler would need to consult many different travel websites, social media sites, books, and friends.

Rustic Route offers a simple and elegant solution by allowing users to discover, schedule, and book their entire ecotour trip in a single mobile app.


Rustic Route streamlines cumbersome travel documentation into one fun and user-friendly mobile app. User-testers have even said they would use this app on an everyday basis to search for cool places and save them for future travels.

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My Role: UXUI, Interaction Design, User Research, Market Research

Tools used: Adobe Suite, Sketch, Invision, Framer

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