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Introducing… Soteria!


Soteria is a safety and security ecosystem that integrates mobile-independent communication, an alarm and deterrent wearable, and a suite of digital resources to enable women everywhere to live full, independent lives where and how they choose.














Soteria is designed to interact with three “phases” of safety: active, reactionary, and preventative.

In the active phase, Soteria sets itself apart by being completely mobile-independent while allowing the user to take an active role in broadcasting her GPS coordinates and pre-programmed message to a chosen contact. For many, cell phone battery life is often an issue, and by taking advantage of the considerable advances made in SIM card technology, we can untether communication needs from the cell phone.

In the reactionary phase, Soteria’s physical presence is also an alarm and deterrent system, using bright LEDs and a high-amplitude speaker to disorient an attacker. In this moment, Soteria also sends an in-app alert to other opted-in Soteria users in the immediate vicinity that another user has been attacked.

In the preventative phase, Soteria provides information and education on safety to women. The app can also be used in a moment of fear (if the user’s mobile battery is still available) to access a map showing all open store locations, firehouses, and police stations nearby. As an educational tool, the app will provide reminders to carry Soteria and tips for staying safe. Finally, the app is also a method of giving women a sense of ownership over her safety: we will ask the user to regularly ping and “maintain” her Soteria ecosystem, giving her a consistent opportunity to interact with our safety tips.

As part of the education effort, we will partner with individuals and organizations committed to women’s safety to publish a monthly newsletter for Soteria users.



Soteria was a finalist in the New York University Stern’s $200K Entrepreneurs Challenge.


My Role: UXUI, Product Development, Market Research

Tools used: Arduino, Solidworks, 3D printers, Adobe Suite


  • Rucha Patwardhan – UXUI, Market Research, Physical Computing

  • Jerllin Cheng – Market Research, Business Development


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