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Crypto Currency Porfolio & Analysis

Blockchain and the Distributed Ledger Technology have been one the most exciting technologies that I have researched and experimented within the last five years.  Applications build upon these decentralized platforms could give us alternative versions of Facebook or Google.  These new applications could give the control of personal data back to their users.  UX design is crucial to meet user needs but also serve to educate users about the new technology and its potentials. 


Data Visualization or “DataViz” the study and design of data visual representation. In other words, creating charts! Equally important, “Visual Literacy” is the capability to present and interpret data visually. That means not only creating graphs but knowing how to choose the most adequate for each kind of information available and understanding the story that your dataset has to tell.

Design focus:

  • Present information clearly so that the user, with a quick glance, can grasp their account balance overview.
  • Present the data in a visually engaging way so that even with repeated views it’s still interesting but doesn’t distract from the actual information.
  • Use color, shape, and composition to organize and create informational hierarchy.




Crypto Comparison  – Percentage Gain (All time, 1 hour, 1 week and 1 month)


These were design explorations with different colors, shapes and compositions to convey numerical data in a quick, simple and elegant way.


Financial data and information are required to be presented in clear and concise way. Implemeting good data visualization and UX design techniques can dramatically increase user engagement ease of information consumption for the user. 


My Role: UXUI, User Testing, Market Research

Tools used: Sketch, Adobe Suite, Invision, Principle

Billy Dang @ 2020